The blog remodel is done! Mostly.

Finally. I've exported, imported, integrated, and coded until my fingers wanted to fall off just to get a break from the keyboard. 

But trying new things is fun, at least to me. 

I've used for over 10 years. It is a fabulous blogging platform, and I didn't switch from to Squarespace because of any dissatisfaction or blogging problems with Wordpress. With wonderful (free!) templates, user-friendly dashboard, and plugins galore, it's always been the blog platform I most recommend.

What happened was that I saw an advertisement for Squarespace on hulu, and being the curious person I am, decided to check it out. I watched some tutorials and looked at website hosted by Squarespace. I then signed up for a 14-day free trial so I could get a peek at the innards. 

Very cool, and very different. I like the options for customization and integration, and for $10 month I chose the entry level plan that includes 20 Pages, Galleries & Blogs, 500 GB Bandwidth, 2 GB Storage, and 24/7 live chat support (which I have already used!) - it is a good deal for my personal blogging objectives. 

And now Susan Raber Online, the home of The Every Day of Education and Shelf Discoveries, has a shiny new home. I have a few more things to learn about how best to arrange and use the features available to me with Squarespace, but at least now I can get back to writing, which is basically the point.