Publishing posts about personal issues

I often wrestle with how much personal information to publish online. Not so much for privacy concerns, (because really- is anything private anymore?) but because I doubt anyone wants to hear about the details of my life. Isn't everyone a bit burned out on reality television (and ain't that an oxymoron!) and the Montel-ization of America, where folks publicly talk in great detail about about their  troubles, their feelings? But then I run into a friend and as we chat about our lives, I am inevitably told that I should write more about the issues of life that we, as the Raber family, deal with now and in the past. They seem to believe that sharing our struggles in a transparent manner helps others dealing with the same problems.

While much of what I write is based on things I've learned through personal experience, I don't write in detail  about particular incidents. Maybe because I want to write more about principles that can be applied to a variety of situations, and maybe because I am really uncomfortable when it comes to writing about my family.

This blog is mine, but I don't feel that I can write too much about my husband, kids, or mom without invading their privacy. So then, how much is too much? Is it OK to write about health problems or financial struggles? Should I go into more detail about our family dynamic? Can I include specifics about caring for an elderly parent without breaking an understood sense of confidentiality?

How do you decide what to include/not include in your writing?

Do you find personal stories encouraging?

How much information is too much information?