NEW Homeschool Resources page, and more to come

As more parents choose to homeschool, the need for homeschool specific resources continues to grow.  

That's why I've started to compile a free Homeschool Resource page, and I will be filling it every month with outlines, checklists, study guides, and help for parents.  

At the moment it is composed of forms that Ohio homeschoolers can use to fulfill Ohio homeschool requirements, and a Homeschool FAQ you can download and give to friends and family who have questions about (or objections to) homeschooling. 

And coming soon: outlines and templates specific to homeschooling high schoolers to help them prepare for college or career. 

Of course, there are dozens of other homeschool websites and blogs with free resources, but there are many approaches to homeschooling, and it's great to have a variety to choose from so you can find the best fit for your family. 

Our homeschool changed many times over the years, and out of those changes came some common threads:

  • delight-directed studies
  • student-led education goals and lesson plans
  • using real books 
  • applying learning to real life situations.

If any of that sounds interesting to you, keep coming back to Susan Online as a continual source of ideas, helps, and encouragement.

Now, let me tell you this up front. I'm not fancy. I like clean and simple, so the helps I provide will reflect that. If you would like to personalize your pages, print them on colorful paper, or use fun stickers to add your own unique touch. 

By the way, the high school printables and guides will be aimed more at the student than parent. One of our goals was for the kids to take charge of their education. In the teen years, we as parents are preparing our children to be independent and responsible adults, so planning their courses and college/career goals is a great way for them to start exercising some necessary life skills.  

If you use the resources I offer here, I want it to be clear that I don't make promises. One of the things I constantly emphasize on this blog is that there is no magic homeschool bullet that will fulfill your homeschool dreams and make your child successful. Forms, checklists, and guides from homeschoolers who have some experience and know what worked for their family can give you guidance, insights, and ideas for your own homeschooling family. But there are no guarantees that any particular method will work magic for your home and children. 

It takes time, dedication, communication, and perseverance from both parent and child to obtain a quality education and achieve your career goals. The methods and curriculum you choose are just instruments. 

My goal is to give you useful tools to help you maximize your time, encourage you and your children to focus and be firm in your resolve, and build bridges of communication and trust with each other.  

If you are a faithful reader, you may have noticed that I've added another blog to Susan Online: Wide Open Stories. This is where I will focus on sharing book, television, and movie reviews—but not just reviews. I'm also offering tools to help families interpret story structure, characterization, and themes so you and your kids can become more discerning readers and viewers. Check out my series on Movies and Television as Literature

In addition to everything here, I'm joining the BookTube community on YouTube with videos every Friday, and in October I'll be podcasting every Wednesday with homeschool help and encouragement. 

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I hope you will join me on my new blogging adventure while I try to help you with your homeschooling journey. 

If you have questions, suggestions for blog topics, or would like to see something specific on the Homeschool Resource Page, share it in the comments or submit it through my Contact Form

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